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Grats. You are now made. As a member of the FAMILY, you will get the opportunity to travel the world of Azeroth, meet new and exciting people and creatures, and depending on their tone and tenor kill them and share the loot with some close friends. Really, we are glad to have each and every member and hope to see all of you fully involved in the current and future content. Our goal is not to see how far ( I ) can go but to see how far we can go.  We have many members that have played and stayed together for several years now.  We value our players over their toons.  If you are helpful and respect the rights of others to be happy and have an enjoyable time in game then we have a place for you.

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Into the mists

Bladereign, Dec 14, 12 2:12 PM.
As word spread of the strange visitors to King Varian Wrynn, we all anticipated changes.  Little did we know how drastic those changes would be.  While the cost and carnage of the battle with Deathwing was still being dealt with we now find ourselves thrust into a fresh conflict.  In reaction to the devastating attack on Theramore and their obvious designs on the rediscovered continent of Pandaria, the Horde must be contained.  With strength and resolve we enter into the Mists of Pandaria.  Be wary, be awed but above all,   BE PREPARED.
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